Top 3 SEO Tips for 2011

On the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel, aka “Q & A with Matt Cutts” the question on March 7th was.

If you were an in-house SEO of an advanced level, within a large corporation, what 3 things would you make sure you had included in your 2011 strategy?

And Matt gave an answer…

Watch the video on YouTube: If you were an SEO of a large company, what would you include in your 2011 strategy?

From the video, I extracted the top 3 SEO tips for 2011…

1 Optimize for Speed

First, Matt would optimize for speed. Even that it’s only a slight factor in Google’s algorithms and for search engine ranking, speed can have huge effect on the bottom line (faster site = better user experience = user stays longer and interacts more with the site = conversion = mo money).

If your site runs on WordPress, I cover everything Matt mentioned (minify, combine, compress and optimize images) and more in my series of posts about optimizing WordPress for speed a.k.a. The WordPress Speed Challenge.

2 Make Sure the On-Site SEO is in Good Shape

Matt also talked about making sure that everyone creating content for the site are educated to the best practices of SEO, internal linking is consistent, etc. This might be an issue for SEO companies, if the people on the customer’s side are not on the same page with the SEO or not educated to the best practices of SEO. For example, internal linking needs to consistent and in order, using good and describtive keywords as anchor text.

3 Pay Attention to Social Media Marketing

Lastly, Matt recommends looking into social media marketing. Promoting posts and engaging in Twitter and Facebook and getting visibility in services like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Combining great content with great visibility (via social media) can then turn into links from people who find your site and content awesome enough to write about it on their blog or site, share with their friends, etc.


To summarize, the top 3 SEO tips for 2011, according to Matt, are:

  1. Optimize for speed
  2. Make sure the on-site SEO is in good shape
  3. Pay attention to social media marketing

Do you have these in order already?

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